Terms & Conditions


Please note: 

All classes are open to all unless specified.  You do not need to be a member of

any society to take part in classes in Rings One, Two, Four, Five & Six


Further rules may apply to the Royal London, Traditional Gypsy Cob Society

Senior Showing and Dressage League qualifying classes

1.  No liability shall fall on the Organisers, Landowners, Judges or Officials in respect of any loss, damage or injury howsoever caused and all competitors are deemed to be liable to indemnify the said persons in respect of any such loss, damage or injury. 


2.  Every effort will be made to keep to the schedules, but we reserve the right to alter the order and composition of classes or to cancel them. 

3.  Any competitor may be warned or disqualified for improper or excessive use of whips, spurs etc or other actions which the Judges or Officials consider warrants such penalty. 

4.  Correct riding attire must be worn at all times. ALL RIDERS, whether competing or not, must wear the correct headgear with a harness properly adjusted and fastened - skull caps must be worn with a silk. The following hats are acceptable. PAS 015: 1998 or 2011 provided they are BSI Kitemarked or Inspec IC Marked. VG1 01.040: 2014-12 provided they are BSI Kitemarked or Inspec IC Marked. ASTM F1163: 2004a or 04a onwards provided they are SEI marked. SNELL E2001 and SNELL E2016. AS/NZS 3838: 2006 onwards provided they are SAI global marked. Riders are responsible for their own safety and failure to wear the correct headgear will result in elimination. All horses being ridden on the showground must be 4 years or older. 

5.  Stallions must be handled or ridden by people who have attained their 14th birthday on the 1st January in the current year. 

6.  The ruling of the judges is final. All complaints must be put in writing and handed to the secretary with a deposit of £20 within 15 minutes of the incident, returnable if the objection is upheld. Entries may be refused without reason being given. 

7.  A refund (less admin fee) will be issued for withdrawn entries on production of a medical/ veterinary Certificate or at the Secretary’s discretion. 

8.  Change of horse and/or rider must be notified to the Secretary 15 minutes before the start of the class or the entry will become void. 

9.  ALL DOGS must be kept on leads (non-extending) at all times. 

10.  It is the responsibility of competitors to know the rules – our stewards and officials are there to help and advise. Please remember all our helpers are volunteers. 

11.  In the unlikely event of cancellation, entry fees will be refunded but the organisers reserve the right to make a deduction to help cover their unrecoverable costs.

12.  Wheatley Horse Show  takes a strong stand on any negative or derogatory comments photos grievances etc that are aired on social media sites, this includes competitors, judges, stewards or anybody involved in the show. We will take immediate action with an individual or group that brings the show into disrepute. Please follow our complaints procedure by emailing the Show Secretary, if you feel you have a valid complaint.