Show Ring Etiquette

Smile - yes, even if you lose!


Congratulate your fellow competitors

Be polite

Be nice

Do not address the judge - any questions must be directed through the steward 

"You get what you get and don't get upset." - refer to points one and two. Yes, even if you "deserved" to win.

Ensure your horse is offered water and feed throughout the day

NEVER take out your frustrations on your horse - he wasn't going around with an empty saddle. The fault lies with YOU.

Don't refuse ribbons or prizes - if you wish to donate then back do it AFTER the event and approach the secretary's office - be discreet so as to not appear ungrateful or "holier than thou".

Thank the sponsors - write a small note to the sponsor and organising committee - without them, no show.

Do not park on top of other people - a sure fire way to make enemies and cause accidents

Do not get on Facebook or the old grapevine and trash the judges / competition / show committee/ small child with a balloon that upset your horse - suck it up. It's called dignity.

LOOK UP - watch where you are going to avoid domestics in the ring

Appreciate it if your horsey (or more likely non horsey) mum / friend / significant other / Aunty came to the show to support you. Treat them right or next time you won't have any help at all.

Above all, enjoy, and remember, you take the best horse home no matter the outcome on the day

Have fun! You're there to show off how awesome your horse is so relax and enjoy yourself

Shows are great for catching up with old friends, but also make new friends!

If you see someone struggling, offer to help them, even if it's just giving them a bit of a pep talk before they go into their class.  Be encouraging, especially to younger riders or people who are new to showing

Everyone has bad day and so do horses, if this happens to you that's ok, there's always going to be another show.

Do not throw a tantrum if you miss a class. You are responsible for getting yourself to the right place at the right time. Clarify the ring, timing of lunches etc with the organising committee if need be but if things change and you miss the class don't take it out on them.